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If you are feeling fatigued in body and mind, please remember that there is only one you in this world.
Wouldn't you like to return to a time when you never knew fatigue?

BodyAngeis here to help you recapture this feeling.

Our salon consists of a private room for one-on-one sessions, so you can receive your treatment in leisure without worrying about other people.

In today's world there are not only people suffering from tired bodies but also from tired minds.

At our treatment center, we carefully provide each individual client with the most appropriate treatment to increase the body's natural healing powers via the power of oriental medicine (acupuncture and massage) and herbs (aroma massage), thus leading to relaxation in body and mind. Treatments are performed by a male therapist.

With national certifications in acupuncture, shiatsu, and massage as well as aroma therapy credentials, our staff believes you will certainly be satisfied with our knowledge and technique.

The hand technique and strength that can only be provided by a male therapist will loosen your tight muscles and promote relaxation for healing of both body and mind.

Please take this opportunity to give BodyAnge a try.

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