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About Aroma Massage

Using aroma oil comprised of 100% natural essential oils blended into 100% jojoba oil as a carrier oil, aroma massage releases tension in body and mind through absorption of the aroma oil by the skin and olfactory senses.

Our aroma massage blending western and eastern (meridian, or energy channel) massage improves lymph circulation to help restore sympathetic nervous system function back to normal. This is a luxurious massage with various health benefits including a dietary effect and cellulite removal.

What is Aroma Massage?

Aroma massage is a low-stimulation massage that uses a blended oil combining essential oils chosen for specific purposes diluted with a carrier oil (vegetable oil).

In addition to the healing effect from touch, the aromatic component of essential oils absorbed by the skin elicits various medicinal effects throughout the entire body.

Finally … (Disease originates from deficiency in the five organs)

Disease always occurs from a condition of deficiency, or in other words weakness, in one of the five organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, or kidneys).

For example, the cause of pain in the neck, shoulders, or low back will always originate in the internal organs.

People who have recently felt irritable or easily upset are suffering from poor spreading function of the liver, or due to causes such as fatigue or lack of sleep are experiencing kidney weakness, which simply manifest as symptoms in the neck and shoulders.

Thus it is important to treat these deficient organs to address the root of the problem. Although treating only the affected areas is fine for that moment, the problem will soon return.

Rather than simply focus on the affected area (painful spot), it is important to thoroughly examine the root cause (five organs). Every person ’ s body is different and unique.

The key lies in finding the right treatment style for that person.

A faintly sweet and gentle scent for a relaxing and peaceful feeling
A floral and gently refined scent that relieves tension and calms the mood
Brightens mood when feeling depressed or tired
Woody and oriental scent that calms the mind and elicits a positive energy
Ylang ylang
Known as "love drops", this sensual and exciting scent creates mood in a room
Clary sage
A nut-like, herby and fragrant scent that heals a gloomy heart
A sweet and sour, juicy citrus scent that calms the state of mind and refreshens the mood
A rich and sweet, woody oriental-like scent that liberates the heart and creates a meditative atmosphere
An herby and bold scent with sweetness that brightens and refreshens the mood
A gently sweet and sophisticated and refined feminine scent that provides a comfortable and relaxing feeling

Main benefits of aroma massage

Using essential oils that have a pain-relieving and soothing effect on stiff shoulders and headache resulting from stress and fatigue, aroma massage helps improve circulation and releases tight muscles. By releasing the body ’ s stress, emotional stress is also soothed.

Enjoy an aroma massage that improves elimination function through use of diuretic essential oils to help relieve leg swelling.

For problems such as PMS, menstrual pain, and menstrual irregularity, essential oils are used that adjust hormonal balance or that are effective for various symptoms to soothe unpleasant symptoms related to menstruation.

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